Those who go through my door enter my world and leave theirs behind.


My world is the world of pleasure, of sensuality, of the finest.


In my world, I am the queen; always shinning, always smiling, always wiling. In my world, I will listen to you, I will give you shelter, I will heal your soul and quench your thirst.


My world is magical. Your weaknesses become your strengths in my world, what keeps you awake at night become your longings in my world, your fears become happiness there.


In my world you’ll be blissful, you’ll feel desired and loved. You’ll fly above good and evil, in my world. You’ll be powerful and rewarded in my world.


In my world, you’ll be the King.


Let it be an intimate encounter or a night out, my goal is to please you while we are together.

For our intimate encounter we can go to a “love room” or to a hotel by hours. I can go to your hotel as well and enjoy our time together without you having to travel to me.

If you have more time, an evening in my company is your best choice. I am an educated and mannerly woman. I’ve been told that I am a good conversationalist, happy and close. You’ll enjoy a dinner or lunch with me. You’ll feel safe, my age and poise will be discreet and appropriate to the company, and we won’t create any suspicion, maybe some envy. I am very accommodating, I feel at ease on every environment. The encounter you wish, it only depends on you.

1 hour: 300€

2 hours: 500€

Additional hour together: 200€

Dinner or lunch plus time in private (around 4 hours): 700€

Overnight (10 horas): 1.500€

Whole day: 1.800€

Weekends (48 horas): 3.000€

Additional day: 1.500€