My name speaks about me

about tempests and calms

about rocking you in my arm like wave that hugs you

about the wind caressing you and wispers in the dawm

about desires, hidden in unknown depths

about wet shores where you go to rest

About nights awake and sublime dawns with the wind whispering while it threads himself in the nooks of the soul

My name speaks about me.

I am Mar (the sea), a Spanish woman 40 year old, who just starts in the world of escorting services with curiosity and illusion, willing to learn, enjoy and please.

My sexual life has been intense and discreet. I’ve had a few lovers all of them different in class, culture and status. All and every one of them enriched my sexuality with personal nuances.

Physically, I am what you see. A tall woman with sensual shape and natural elegance. My pictures mirror what you’ll see when we met. The beauty of my face, the subtle touch of my hands and the whisper of my voice match the sensuality of my body.

My education has been exquisite since the cradle, manners in public and VIP events are something natural to me. I have a college degree and a few master. My previous jobs were in the management. I participated in all kind of events, public and private, and I know how to behave in any environment.

I am a positive and happy person, very communicative. I get involved on every encounter to enjoy the company of my partner and make him enjoy mine. Every man is a world to discover, a body to explore and an experience to live. I enjoy every minute of our company as a unique occasion, because that is what it is. In private I am willing and affectionate. My caresses and kisses will make you feel desired, and comfortable with me. Together, we’ll explore the paths to the pleasure walking the corners of your wishes.

At the end, like the sea, I’ll bring you the calm.